Friday, April 8, 2011

Donde Esta Preston?

I need help. I keep checking to see if this blog has been picked up by Google's webcrawlers. It hasn't, despite me following all their advice. So every day I drive myself a bit closer to insane by googling my name.

I can't recommend the practice, although I admit today it was rather rewarding. I found a review of The Paranormals that I'd never seen before. In Spanish. It wasn't the most glowing review, but it was fair. They gave me props for putting a fresh spin on the paranormal hunter theme. Even though I don't think The Paranormals fits that category, it was nice to hear that they thought my voice was fresh. They weren't as kind to the artist, but that was a theme we'd seen in other reviews. His art is great, don't get me wrong, but he wasn't quite up to the task of 32 pages of amazing art every month.

As an added bonus, I now know that the Spanish word for geek is "friki." Happy Friki Friday, everyone!

Oh, and if anyone has advice for getting this blog to come up in Google searches, please let me know!


  1. The only thing I'm not seeing in your code are some meta tags regarding writing and the Paranormals. Not sure if Blogger lets you insert those but I'd check. Oh and of course get all your friends to post links to it, more links = happy Google spider.

  2. It depends on what's in the logbooks about GER- know that.
    APPYR doesn't make things " nicer".
    And either does RICK.
    And when you got CHANDS and MODOWN, it doesn't get " prette".
    Add onto that CROGR and COGR, I mean, seriously, you better grab a suitcase and pack.
    You still there, Ellie?